Zpiiel ZooZ
Zpiiel FigZ
Zpiiel MakersZ600

  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Still images

Zpiiel – Construction Tools

We were asked to create a series of images for building instructions for Zpiiel ZooZ and Zpiiel FigZ. This included step-by-step images of the models in various stages of construction.
With the Zpiiel sets children can create their own animals to play with or create just about anything they can imagine.
A very fun project where 3D was the only sensible way to create the images within budget, timeframe and flexibility.
We also did an animation for the MakersZ600 box, with Zpiiel elements to create anything the builder can imagine – great toys!

Take a closer look

Zpiiel MakersZ600 in motion

Still images