B8 (now Holmris B8)


  • 3D stills

Virtual environments for a new series of office furniture.

We had the privilege to work with the new S60 product launch for B8. Working with full 3D environments allowed B8 complete creative freedom in choosing style, locations and decoration for the images. This made it possible to show the new line of tables and storage in different scenarios and colours, showcasing the versatility of the product line.

The process

“We would like to show an open office space with a Singapore skyline – and a cozy home office – and an urban looking conference room – and several more inspiring environments with our new furniture… We want to art direct and adjust in the process and keep it at a reasonable budget.”

This was more or less the brief for a series of 3D visualisations from B8 and that was exactly what we tried to live up to and deliver within a relatively short deadline.

Realising product visualizations in 3D gives an unsurpassed creative freedom and makes it possible to create photoreal images for promotion and marketing before the product is fully finished and in production.